The Kaidosk company provides a wide range of HR-services. The Kaidosk company practices effective and modern HR methods for companies’ support.

Our clients outsource all staffing objectives or separate duties and procedures.

In each case of outstaffing or temporary personnel recruitment,

our company performs:

The client’s company outstaff employment

in our own company

Distance staff recruitment

for a long and a short term

Employment books

and other documentation maintenance

Outstaffing or temporary personnel

payroll calculation

The employee's salary hold back

and all required taxes and other charges payment

Payment of vacation allowance and sick pay,

registration of business trips

РEmployment dispute resolution

in accordance with the Estonian Acts of Law

Outsourcing and outstaffing are as relevant as ever in recessionary period, since letting employers off the leash in many regards.

Using the outstaffing service, you can:


replace an employee

Markedly cut down costs

on marketing, staff training, audit and so on

Delegate obligations

in relation to the employee on the HR-provider

Lessen a risk

of workforce disputes


Focus on major areas of activity

and markedly scale back scope of documentation.

Quickly and without loss reduce staff or staff up,

staying in sync with sales opportunities


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